Camtasia Studio Free Download

Camtasia Studio Free Download

(0) (0) 4 stars "Great Software!" Version: Camtasia Studio 7.1 Pros 1) Fantastic screen recording, I lose absolutely 0 frames when I record 2) Easy to use editing 3) Uploads directly to quickly Cons LOTS of errors.

Just today I tried to record my webcam, and got "An unexpected error has occurred.

I have yet to have found anything that works better.

And if you reply, don't say I mush have a bad computer, I have one of the best computers going.

Don't buy it, its too weak, just try 30 days trial.

No mp3s 320 (kbps no flac (2000 kbps) codecs, no value for money.

It works perfectly with all but one program I have.

Cons Sometimes it will crash but usually you can recover your work.

(0) (0) 1 stars "If it was a car it would be in the body shop everyday.".

The cost is pretty high, yet if you create videos regularly, you're likely to feel that it's good value for money.

Multiple output formats with HQ encoding Cons Cannot directly import MTS or AVCHD format videos!

Won't let add mp3s into library, mp3 codec flac codec missing.

(0) (1) 5 stars "On of the best solutions for creating screencast videos" Version: Camtasia Studio Pros - iDownloader for PC Allows to create, gIMP for Windows 10 edit and share screencast videos - Easy-to-use - Multiple editing features - Nice tutorial to help one master the software Cons I'm not sure.

It records both mic audio and incoming sound from the computer(I.E; Your guitar from mic, and playback from backing track from computer sound, instead of just speaker).

It's a bad experience with horrid results.